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Payment Processing

Payment Processing

100% stellar record upon regulatory and compliance auditing.

For over 30 years YMS has been the preferred payments processing agent for several of NYC’s largest Municipal agencies. Our payment systems are designed to verify the eligibility of, and completely process all payments within 2-3 days from receiving payment authorization. Currently we are contracted with disbursements, and tracking of payments, of half a billion dollars per annum.

Disbursing payments any way you need.

Guaranteeing your payments are processed correctly.

IRS Tax Calculations and Filing functions performed as per IRS requirements.

Payment adjustments resulting from liens and/or credit judgements.

Monthly recapitulation and reconciliation of all funds provided for disbursement.

Additional services we provide:
Tin Matching

Tin Matching verification through IRS Online Taxpayer ID Matching Program verifying ID codes match IRS records ensuring no IRS penalties.

Union Dues

Union Dues as per specification are processed and deducted in the proper amount on a monthly basis irrespective of how often payments are made.

Provider Portal

To provide payment information to providers, YMS developed an internet-based portal which displays payroll information and all relevant records. The payment portal has been certified as cyber secure and ADA compliant by NYC Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DOITT).

Learn more about how we can fulfill your processing needs.
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