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Child Support Processing

Ensuring highest rate of success saving millions in taxpayer dollars.

Over the past 30 years YMS has partnered with the NYC OCSE and several other counties in New York State. Throughout this period YMS has distinguished itself in, successfully interpreting all court orders and maintaining the Child Support Accounts, thereby ensuring the highest rates of success across the State.

Expertly interpreting court orders for 30 years.

Our Process

YMS processes all new and modified court orders and Account Creation Summaries (including Uniform Interstate Family Support Act Orders) into the Automated State Support Enforcement and Tracking System (ASSETS).

Accounts Maintenance

Our staff factors in arrears, payments, and interest accruals when creating the financial entries.

Beneficiary Changes

We update cases, based on Public Assistance (PA) status changes or future adjustments mandated by the court order.

Income Executions

Our specialized process generates hundreds of Income Executions quickly as orders are entered within 2-3 days.


We utilize the Refund to Respondent feature of ASSETS to build or update an administrative account and refund an overpayment to the non-custodial parent (NCP).

Quality Assurance & Training

Providing dedicated training and quality assurance personnel that will ensure your contract will be performed with the highest degree of accuracy.

Our specialized system ensures the highest rate of child support enforcement success saving millions in taxpayers dollars.

Servicing the largest counties in New York State.
Find out how we can service your district.

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