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Chess Pieces working together to win Contracts in NYC

Our Story

YMS Management was founded in 1985 in New York City. Our services are tailored to serve the financial needs of all not-for profits, community organizations, and municipal agencies. We have achieved broad recognition and reputation for our high-quality professional services.

We take pride in the relationships we build with our clients

For over 30 years, YMS has functioned as a fiscal management agent and processing center for several of NYC’s largest Municipal Agencies and Not-for-profit companies. Throughout our company's history, we have excelled in providing greater than expected services. Our team is comprised of dedicated and diverse professionals committed to client satisfaction. Our mission is to help our clients’ business dreams become reality.


At YMS we have perfected the outsourcing functions for all businesses. We have created a process that allows you to focus on the reason why you opened your business to begin with. We handle everything you would prefer not to have to deal with when running a business.  


And we do it well.


We provide you an opportunity to focus on nothing but the growth of your business. Our clients save thousands of hours of precious time because they understand the value of their time. You should value yours too. Come check us out and learn how we can get your business on track to reach your goals.

Become our client today, to create a new future.
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